Puppy & Dog Training Class Schedules & Registration

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Questions? Email Jill at Ljilly28@me.com or call   (207) 274-0768

Conformation Handling

New session is open!
Sundays:  2/18/18 – 3/18/18
 3:00 – 4:00pm
All levels
Location: PoeticGold Farm – Indoors
Saturday mornings January 6th to February 10th( 6 weeks with Jill Simmons)
9:30am STAR  Puppy    FULL      \
10:30am STAR Puppy.  FULL
 Saturdays Starting January 13th with Nancy
1:30 PM Family Dog Manners FULL
2:30 Noseworks!!!
3:30 PM TRICKS class- winter fun learning & get an AKC title too!
4:30 PM Control Unleashed( increase dog focus on owner)
 Saturday Mornings Starting February 17th with Jill
Sunday Morning Starting  February 25th 
9 Am STAR Puppy
10:30 AM Rally Obedience
Sunday mornings January 7th to February 11th ( 6 weeks with Jill Simmons)
9am STAR Puppy ( FULL)
10:30am Rally Obedience (FULL)
12pm Canine Good Citizen/ Therapy Dog Prep (FULL)
Sunday Afternoons January 14th to February 11th( 5 weeks) with Anne
3-4 pm Show Handling/ Conformation FULL
4-5 pm Show Handling/ Conformation FULL
 Monday Afternoons starting January 8th ( 6 weeks with Christine )
4pm         Family Dog Manners
5 PM        STAR puppy
6 PM        Inside Agility
7 PM        Intro to Agility
Monday starting January 15th with Nancy
9:30 Family Dog Manners II ( for dogs who need a bridge to CGC level)
10:30am Family Dog Manners
11:30 AM CU- Control Unleashed
1pm BAT/ Reactive Dogs
Tuesday Evenings starting January 9th (6 weeks with Anne. St Pierre)
6:15 PM Family Dog Manners ( Full)
7:15 STAR Puppy
Wednesday January 10th to February 14th( 6 weeks )
9am STAR Puppy Jill
10:30am Rally Obedience Jill ( FULL)
12Pm Canine Good Citizen Cindy
1:30 PM Canine Good Citizen Advanced/ Advanced Therapy Dog Prep with Cindy
4Pm Family Dog with Christine
5 PM  STAR puppy with Christine
6 PM  Advanced Inside Agility Christine
7 PM  Intermediate Inside Agility Christine
.Thursdays starting January 11th with Anne St Pierre( 6 weeks) 
6:15pm Family Dog Manners ( FULL) 
7: 15  PM Competition Obedience- For those interested in BN, CD, CDX, UD, Rally Skillbuilding, Professional dog Training, or who love training their dogs to a high level.
Fridays starting January 12th 6 weeks with Christine
9 AM Family Dog Manners
10:15 – Rally Obedience
11:30  Advanced Inside Agility* Generally, if Falmouth Public Schools have snow days, we do too. Check facebook for updates.  TDI/ Therapy Dog International testing will be held in the spring( May)   at PoeticGold Farm Dog Training INC in Falmouth, Maine. Please contact Cindy Fisher if you are interested at 207.274.0768.
.Click here to register for a class, and to use the “pay by paypal” .