Judy Moore’s New Class For pups that need extra TLC and help before regular STAR Puppy

Puppy Socialization Class
Puppies up to 5 months and under 25 lbs
As the only Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in the state of Maine, I have the knowledge to set you and your puppy up for success!
“Thank you so much for our class today. We have found raising our puppy to be so much more stressful than we anticipated, and it has been made worse by the feeling that we haven’t been doing a particularly good job of it – not for lack of trying! But because we don’t have the skills. We are much more optimistic about our potential to raise Phoebe well after just this one class. We no longer feel like we’re going it alone. Thank you again.”
~Jessica Houk
I will help you learn why your dog does what he does and how changing your behavior will change his behavior and get the results you want in a positive way. Using force on a young pup will create problems later when he becomes an adolescent. I promise to give you the most up to date methods based on science .
Scientifically sound Training Methods.
Discuss why harsh hands create more mouthy pups.
You’ll learn what boundaries to set first (like bite inhibition).
How to shape behavior to prevent problem behavior in the future.
Why the formation of habits through conditioning is essential.
Fundamentals of care, such as housebreaking and crate training.
Identify if puppies are playing or challenging each other.
How to help the cautious or aggressive puppy
Learn Low Stress body Handling Methods
How to prevent food and object guarding
Basic commands like sit, down, off, leave it, front and finish.

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