Closing Until April (After Next Session)

Hello beloved friends and clients, both human and canine,   We will regretfully and wistfully close for winter. In our small space and with our high client number in ratio , we can’t ensure everyone’s indoor safety as proficiently as we do with the luxury of the outdoor options we access in nice weather.  … [Read More]

Closed For Winter -Covid Update

We will regretfully and wistfully close for winter.  In our small space and ( beloved) high client volume, we just don’t think we can ensure everyone’s indoor safety without the lovely outdoor options we have in the nice weather . This represents a huge struggle for us to figure out the right thing to do,… [Read More]

Thank you, Jake, for all the mowing!

Little River Farm German Shepherds is having 10-12 babies!

Beautiful, sweet client dog “Wren” from Little River Farm German Shepherds is having 10-12 babies early June!       Email

We miss you!

We are not the kind of business included in the first wave of openings. We will push classes back into  June, holding your space for you. It’s not the same without your voices, laughter, and puppy barks. 

zoom puppy class

Christine: I’m excited to be offering my first online class! “Stay at home” orders are HARD, especially if you have a puppy, as this is a critical learning time for them. We can’t recreate a class full of distracting other puppies but we sure can teach them and use this time to help grow the… [Read More]

Classes Postponed

Update 3/15 : PoeticGold will postpone classes starting this Monday. Falmouth Public Schools closed, & we stay in step with them for everyone’s health and safety . For our next session , April start dates will become May so we have time to make up tests. With 100’s of clients a week, we worry we… [Read More]

Platform Rally & Obedience

Starting Tuesdays April 14 – May 19 (6 classes) with Anne St. Pierre 6:00-7:00pm – Family Dog Manners 7:00-8:00pm – STAR Puppy 8:00-9:00 pm Platform Fun and Skills for Rally and Obedience

Recommended Training Book

The Eye of the Trainer: Animal Training, Transformation, and Trust (Expected release date is 03/13/2020) by Ken Ramirez

Dreamer WD/BOW – Major Win !

ACT Tests

Competition Obedience (novice)

February 27 – April 2 (6 classes) 6:00-7:00pm – AKC Novice/Open Competition Obedience 7:00-8:00pm – Conformation Handling / All Breeds Welcome

new Agility classes for February

Mondays (starting February 24) 4 PM Advanced Agility (Inside Skills) 5 PM Intermediate Agility (Inside Skills) 6 PM Advanced Agility (Inside Skills) 7:05 PM Rally Obedience Wednesdays (starting February 26) 5 PM Advanced Agility (Inside Skills) 6 PM Intermediate/Advanced Agility (Inside Skills) 7 PM STAR Puppy Fridays (starting February 28) (skips March 6 and April… [Read More]

Dreamer Goes Winners Dog In novi, Michigan

Dreamy dog  thanks Judge Charles Olvis. His littermate Teddy won the 5 point major the same weekend . The boys are mystic x Lupine sons.

Mystic, Dreamer, & HipHop puppies Dreamer x Rocket pups are due February 14th at Rainyday Goldes ( South Carolina / MA) 11 Mystic x Skylar pups were just born at CranGold in (Vermont) Dreamer x CH Crush pups all have homes ( MA)

Therapy Dog Testing

6pm Friday, November 1st- TDI / Therapy Dog International Test with Cindy Fisher. CGC is required as is preregistration.

One & Dones ( 1 hour, 1 night with Anne St.Pierre)

  Thursday, September 5 – ONE & DONE WORKSHOPS 6:00 – Get Your Stay On 7:00 – Rocket Recalls   Thursday, September 12 – ONE & DONE WORKSHOPS 6:00 – Polite Leash Walking 7:00 – Scent Games

Tracking Class

Introduction To Tracking with Sara Pruyne will be Thursdays at 5pm starting August 1st (4 weeks) Limit to 6 teams. 

National Dog Show- Orlando

Yay to 15 month old Dreamer for being in the ribbons with the “big kids ‘ in Open dog at Orlando’s huge Royal Canin National Dog Show – 4th place under respected breeder judge Carl Leipman


Dreamer went Winners Dog in Florida for his very first points! Thank you Suzie Schafer and judge Terry Stacy! 

Rally Competitors!

Congratulations to Mischief Hyde, Star Barnhart, Sully Moreau , Frodo Everett, and Spangle Weiss for earning their Rally Legs Masters through Advanced today 🙂 .


Go Dreamer with Hips Excellent , Elbows Normal, Heart Normal, and Eyes Clear ( no breeder options) 

Yay Rio , Star, and Frodo!

Way to go Elizabeth Barnhart and both Rio and Star, getting their Excellent and Rally Masters legs in Boxboro despite thunder and lightening! Rio is PoeticGold River of Dreams RA CGC ( Mystic x River) and earned a first place . Also congratulations to Saskia and Min Pin Frodo with a 199 in Obedience.  … [Read More]

HipHop BISS GCH Rainyday PoeticGold Secret Society CGC Indya Sheehan and I held high hopes when we combined beautiful Springsteen ( GCH Rainyday Secret Garden – Select Bitch Westminster) with Mystic ( BISS GCHB Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over PoeticGold CD RN TDI OS). The litter went on to exceed our expectations. HipHop was my stud fee pup, and he has a… [Read More]

Agility Puppy Workshop

Puppy Agility Workshop! Come have fun with your puppy and start working on agility foundations! We’ll take care of their little bodies but also introduce them to floorwork and other agility concepts. The workshop will be September 22 from 10 AM – 11:30 AM at Poetic Gold in West Falmouth, Maine. Email for more details… [Read More]