Closing Until April (After Next Session)

Hello beloved friends and clients, both human and canine,
We will regretfully and wistfully close for winter. In our small space and with our high client number in ratio , we can’t ensure everyone’s indoor safety as proficiently as we do with the luxury of the outdoor options we access in nice weather.
With the rise of cases in York County, kids back to school, and flu season approaching, combined with increasingly indoor living for all of us, this seems like the most ethical decision. It is terrifying for a small business owner to close for any amount of time, and we pondered hard.
This represents a huge struggle for us all to figure out the right thing to do rather than what we want to do ( stay open!!!), and it is painful. However , we want absolutely everyone to stay healthy and stay safe through this crazy time in culture.
Once we finish our next classes scheduled, we will not begin a new session. That will take us through October and into November. We will miss you so very much, and be holding you in our hearts through the holidays, and be thinking about you often until we see you again.
April 1st seems like a probable date for reopening, depending on the winter. Maybe March-ish. Keep an eye on our web site and Facebook page.
Much love to all, Jill
PS( a predictable ps!) A community members found a story mama cat about to have kittens, and six cuties were born. Mom is a big calico. Anyone looking for a kitty?

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