“HipHop” BISS GCH Rainyday PoeticGold Secret Society CGC


Indya Sheehan and I held high hopes when we combined beautiful Springsteen ( GCH Rainyday Secret Garden – Select Bitch Westminster) with Mystic ( BISS GCHB Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over PoeticGold CD RN TDI OS). The litter went on to exceed our expectations.

HipHop was my stud fee pup, and he has a blissful kind temperament along with his other superlative qualities. Karen Mammano put a major on him at his first show and the second major at his second show in Raleigh NC- right from 6-9 puppy, and then went on a deserved vacation to Florida. HipHop came back out when she arrived home to complete his ACK Championship from 6-9 puppy as one of the youngest finishers , garnering many appreciated comments from an array of respected judges.

HipHop completed his GCH also a puppy competing against top twenty specials, and capped things off by winning a specialty.  He is a dream-come-true dog. Our 16 year old junior handler Keller showed Hiphop to respected judge Dana Cline at 12 months old, and went BOB over a big array of specials and then earned a sporting group 4.

HipHop is 74 lbs and moderate in every way. He exudes breed type, and is correct and lovely in every detail of breed type, with plenty of good bone. His movement is what caught the eye of many judges, along wth his gorgeous head piece, short strong back and loin, tight pretty feet and ideal hocks. HipHop stands midstandard and is not as big a dog as his daddy Mystic, yet offers plenty of substance. He carries a correct easy coat.


HipHop’s mama GCH Springsteen 

HipHop is available for natural breedings , AIs, fresh shipping, and frozen to approved girls once OFA processes his nice finals .

Ljilly28@me.com       207.274.4321       7 Trillium Lane Falmouth, Maine 04105

PoeticGold Golden Retrievers Laura Jill Simmons 7 Trillium Lane Falmouth Maine 04105 207.274.4321

BISS GCH Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over PoeticGold CGCA CGC


Stud Service Agreement

Bitch’s Registered Name:___________________________________

AKC Number:___________________________________________________________

Microchip/Tattoo Number:__________________________________________________

Under the terms of this agreement, Laura Jill Simmons, owner of the stud dog and ________________________________, Owner (s) of the bitch agree as follows.

The stud fee shall be 1500$. A fee of 400$ (non-refundable breeding fee) is due at the time of the breeding with the return of contract, and the balance of 1100$ is due within two weeks following the whelping of the litter.

A litter is defined as three or more puppies. The Stud dog owner will not sign litter registration until the entire amount of Stud Service is paid, including any reimbursement of any extra breeding-related expenses such as shipping/collecting . No puppy back is required. We encourage but do not require a progesterone test to confirm ovulation.

If zero or one or two puppy(ies), is born, no stud fee at all is required, and there is no further obligation on either side.

The bitch owner agrees none of the puppies from this service shall be sold to a pet shop, Doodle breeder, agent or broker, or outside of North America. Bitch owner agrees to sell show puppies from this breeding with a contract forbidding the sale of the dog to a pet shop, doodle breeder, agent or broker, or outside of North America. The bitch owner agrees that pets sold from this litter will be sold with Limited registration and spay/neuter contracts.

The bitch will be protected from other stud dogs, and no dual sire litter is permitted.

Brucellosis negative is required for natural or fresh breedings


______________________________________________ DATE____________________Owner of the stud dog


Owner of the bitch (signature)

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Owner(s) of the bitch


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