Leash Lungers/Frustrated Greeters

Many of us have seen or owned a dog that is barking and lunging at other dogs when out on a walk.  Many of these dogs appear to be aggressive, yet have never bitten or done damage to another dog, many are simply displaying frustration on the other end of the leash.

Deprivation of dog to dog socialization reduces a dogs communication skills,  often times creating a dog that displays SUPER motivated behavior to approach another dog. This behavior is often rewarded by allowing the dogs to greet and sniff.  While it becomes obvious over time why this is a bad idea, as a scuffle may result from a quick greeting or just as bad you find that when your dog is not allowed to rush in and greet, his behavior becomes intense and he becomes very frustrated, hence the aggressive display.

This class will help you teach your dog to think when he/she sees another dog rather than lunge in a frustrated manner.  Many of these dogs are young adolescence who lack emotional control.  Helping your dog learn that he can control the consequences when greeting will turn your dog into a thinking dog rather than a frustrated one!

This is a 6 week course, and the fee is $150.
Limit 6 dogs per class.
Required – Completion of an obedience class or a one-on-one evaluation.

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