New CGCA Titles!

We are excited about our first two offerings of the CGCA test, a new title sponsored by the AKC to follow up with dogs who earned Canine Good Citizen and wish to keep training/working. About half the dogs who took the test passed it to earn the CGCA Title, and half have one or two items they will work on before trying again. Georgie golden and Janice Baserga role modeled a perfect test.

Lauren/Luna golden
Deb/Yankee Sheltie
Katie /River Golden
Saskia/Frodo Min Pin
Angelique/ Captain Rough Collie
Marla/Cheyenne Golden
Mike /Goblin Bouvier
Janice/Georgie Golden
Janice/Mantha Golden
Beth / Skippy Yorkie
Rick/Crichton Newfoundland
Gail/Hannah Golden
Daniel/ Commanche Border Collie

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