One & Dones are back!

12795501_10153496440256229_7776760658040257813_nCheck out the upcoming ONE & DONE workshops with Anne St.Pierre at PoeticGold Farm. Download the registration flyer at:–workshops.html
March 19: HEADS UP HEELING – Make sure your dog’s attention is on you. Keeping your dog motivated during the heeling exercise can pay off in Q’s and blues!
March 26: UTILITY OBEDIENCE FOR PUPPIES – Begin with the end in mind! Teach your puppy the fundamentals of scent discrimination, go-outs, retrieves, and hand signals with consistency and confidence. Build the foundation necessary for a super obedience pup with utility obedience exercises and games.Open to pups 12 weeks to 12 months
April 2: OBEDIENCE for SISSIES – thinking about getting in the ring? Come over to the dark (and fun) side! AKC Obedience is tons of fun! Learn exercises and rules; learn super cool heeling techniques, develop a foundation for fabulous turns, figure-eight, and stand for exam. Yes, it’s obedience; and it’s for sissies. We double-dog dare you!

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