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 Leaving Tracks All Over Town

Training in Freeport, Maine

Training in Freeport, Maine

Come join in the fun, as our Outdoor Adventures classes offer great training opportunities for you and your dog. We visit different locations such as Deering Oaks, and Tommy’s parks in Portland, Twin Brooks in Cumberland, Freeport just to name a few!  Four classes are on leash around town and two classes are off leash in safe environments with a focus on recall.

This class teaches reliability in real life situations by using the skills previously learned wherever you go with your dog. Putting classroom exercises to practical application while proofing with a wide variety of distractions.  Not all dogs can focus in public, however we use positive methods to keep your dog using his thinking brain even in public.

This is a 6 week course for $140. (bandana and clicker included)

Limit 6 dogs per class, but expect many Alumni to join us!As a prerequisite participating dogs must be dog friendly and have successfully completed at least one Manners/obedience training class or a one-on-one training evaluation.

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