The goal of this class is to build your dogs confidence when near one person or a group.  The process was designed by Ian Dunbar back in the 90’s and has been adapted by Suzanne Clothier in a process call Treat/Retreat – Help for the fearful & shy dog.
This is a completely positive approach initiated by the dog himself.  The human participants in the class will be instructed on how to interact with the dog by sitting, standing, as well as approaching and retreating. Once the dog has progressed positively in these less-intense dog-facilitated interacts, the dog will be put in new situations that might include some physical contact, larger groups of people, changes of postures and movements of human volunteers. The number of people, duration of contact, speed of movements, the distance and number of repetitions is all set by the dog.
Here are some key topics that will be covered in this class:
  • Invasion of space and social pressure
  • How Reinforcers are used to increase confidence and not used as a bribe
  • Safety during these slow progression training sessions