TDI/ Therapy Dog Testing

On Saturday April 9th We will offer the TDI/ Therapy Dog exam, but preregistration is 100 percent required . call Cindy at 207.274.0768 with interest.

New TDI/ Therapy Dog Evaluator

We are so, so proud of CGCA instructor and CGC evaluator Cindy Fisher for officially becoming a TDI evaluator. Therapy dogs some of the do the most important work a dog can do.

Canine Good Citizens

Congratulations to Austin Chocolate Lab, Lily All American Mix, Emma Doodle, Leo Doodle, Isla Port. Water Dog, Whitman Saluki, Steady Toller, Pete Weimeraner, Star Doodle, Dixie Golden Retriever, and Soda Aussie for passing their Canine Good Citizens .

Spangle CDX

We are so proud of spangle we are speechless, as that little tyke from STAR puppy is now AM CH/ CDX and a sweetheart too!

Cattle Dog? Therapy Dog!

We are cheering for Jane and  Cowboy for passing their Therapy Dog testing!  We are also very proud of instructor Cindy Fisher and her CGCA class ( Canine Good Citizen Advanced), because her pass rate when then sending her teams elsewhere/ far and wide for therapy dog testing is just amazing. These dogs are beautifully… [Read More]

Gnocchi Sibe CGC

Congratulations to beautiful husky girl Gnocchi and Christine for acing their Canine Good Citizen test.

Therapy Dog- Pitbull Trivia

Anya and Triv passed their Therapy Dog test with flying colors. Congratulations to them on their hard work and steady progress!