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CH Summits Goldentrip In The Line Of Duty  X  CH  Harborview Golden Glitter

Lush is a ebullient, happy golden who can make friends with anyone. An extremely balanced  girl, she embodies the breed standard in many ways, displaying a correct and beautiful side gait on the move. Although well within the standard, Lush is a good sized bitch at 64 lbs , with plenty of leg underneath her, an elegant length of neck, and properly constructed front assembly. She has a melting, kindly expression and a beautiful headpiece. Lush carries a correct coat of moderate length and good furnishing. She often goes from hikes on the beach and in the woods to the show ring with just a quick bath and trim – easy coat. Lush’s pigment is glorious, and her feet correctly “cat-like”.  Although Lush is a very feminine looking girl, she is able to compete against the boys because she has a very look-at-me presence in the ring, and exudes breed type.

Lush finished both her ACK Champion title and her AKC Grand Champion title before two years of age. What a winning streak she experienced. She was Specialty Winner’s Bitch under breeder judge Carl Leipman and completed her championship under another breeder judge Michael Faulkner. She has several group placements in extremely limited showing as a special. Lush earned her CGC at six months, and is currently at work on her CD. Lushie Plushie attended Westminster 2013 at age two. Lush was bred by Jennifer Craig, and handled by Sam and Karen Mammano.

A sturdy, healthy golden, Lush’s clearances are listed correctly on OFA. She is Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes & Heart Cleared by Board Certified Specialists.

Here is a piece of Lush’s show record.  Rau Shows and Specialities are not listed on the infodog database and other shows also are not visible online, so these are just some.

Saratoga New York Kennel Club 08/08/2012 Mr. Ronald H. Menaker Open Bitches 1/W
Glens Falls Kennel Club, Inc. 08/09/2012 Ms. Sharon A. Parr Open Bitches 1/W/BW
Mohawk Valley Kennel Club 08/10/2012 Ms. Susan Willumsen Open Bitches 3
Bennington County Kennel Club 08/12/2012 Paul Odenkirchen Open Bitches 1/W/BW
Kennel Club Of Niagara Falls 09/15/2012 Mrs. Ann D. Hearn Open Bitches 1/W/BW/OS
Kennel Club Of Niagara Falls (BREED/OBED  09/16/2012 Col. Jerry H. Weiss USMC (Ret.) Open Bitches 1/W/OS
Butler County Kennel Club, Inc. 09/23/2012 Mrs. Michele L. Billings Open Bitches 1/R
Fort Steuben Kennel Association, Inc. 10/06/2012 Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna B.O.B. SEL
Beaver County Kennel Club, Inc. 10/07/2012 Mr. Danny D. Seymour B.O.B. OS
Albany Kennel Club, Inc. 10/19/2012 Lewis W. Bayne B.O.B. OS
Albany Kennel Club, Inc. 10/20/2012 Mr. Elliott B. Weiss B.O.B. OS
Troy Kennel Club, Inc. 10/21/2012 Mr. Mark E. Threlfall B.O.B. OS
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. 10/26/2012 Mrs. Pat A. Mowbray-Morgan B.O.B. B/G3
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. 10/27/2012 Mrs. Edeltraud Laurin B.O.B. SEL
Queensboro Kennel Club, Inc. 10/27/2012 Mrs. Susan M. King Novice B A
Riverhead Kennel Club, Inc. 10/28/2012 Mr. Jay Richardson B.O.B. B/G3
Holyoke Kennel Club, Inc. 11/22/2012 Mr. Houston Clark B.O.B. SEL
Windham County Kennel Club, Inc. 11/23/2012 Mr. James S. Covey B.O.B. OS
South Windsor Kennel Club 11/24/2012 Dr. Alvin W. Krause B.O.B. SEL
Springfield Kennel Club, Inc. 11/25/2012 Mr. Norman B. Kenney B.O.B. OS
Union County Kennel Club, Inc. 01/30/2013 Mr. William Cunningham B.O.B. OS
Sand And Sea Kennel Club 01/31/2013 Ms. Linda Robey B.O.B. B
Sand And Sea Kennel Club 02/01/2013 Mrs. Gale Young B.O.B. OS
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc. 02/02/2013 Mrs. Marilyn C. Spacht B.O.B. OS
Great Barrington Kennel Club, Inc. 02/03/2013 Mrs. Nancy S. Cowley B.O.B. SEL

Westminster Kennel Club02/11/2013Mr. Douglas A. JohnsonB.O.B.