Golden Litters & Puppies

Stoney x Hazel pups are due on July 4th, 2021.  Stoney was the first Grand Champion/ Master Hunter in breed history and is both an Outstanding Sire and in the Dual Dog Hall Of Fame . Hazel is a Mystic x Lupine daughter, and Dreamer’s sister. Her beautiful head and temperament, wonderful bone, and outstanding front assembly made her Pat’s choice for Stoney. 

MBISS GCH CH SpringCreek Everlore’s All Time Hi  CDX VCW WCX MH DDHF OS





Dreamer pups are planned in Vermont for spring, 12 Mystic x CH Story pups were just born at Harborview Goldens in Erie PA,  and Dreamer pups were born at Astar Goldens in MA ( all are spoken for) .


Our Sayer’ s Kol Pups are spoken for. Thank everyone for inquiring : . 

ACE award winning AKC Hero/ Therapy Dog Of The Year, Kol, stood by the Parkland school shooting survivors . He is BISS BVISS GCHB CH Gemini’s House of the Rising Sun CDX BN RAE JH THDD CGCA TKA VCX PBIS BOSS BVISS TDIG . 

Here is 9 year old Kol receiving his Hero award at The National Dog Show






Therapy Dog Works Magic in the Most Challenging Environments



Jill Simmons 7 Trillium Lane, Falmouth, Maine 04105

We rarely have Poeticgold pups to place, but are always willing to help you find the right puppy or update you on litters sired by our dogs , Mystic ( BISS Bronze GCH CH Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over PoeticGold CD RN TDI CGCA CGCU CGC BPIS OS) and HipHop (BISS GCH RainyDay PoeticGold Secret Society CGC).   

 Thrilled to announce the attaining of a lifelong goal!  Four year old Mystic achieved his Outstanding Sire Award. He is now BISS GCHB Tamarack Billions Of Stars Over PoeticGold CD RN TDI CGCA CGCU OS.


Morgan ( Mystic x Stella)

Mystic x GCH Gypsy Cry13254498_10209766538544844_2692922058580928340_nstal Puppy 12986924_1100324120031885_7486594076327160746_n

Mystic x GCH Chelsea pups in Lexington KY

7388_10156415800070392_7644062489436065082_n (1) A Mystic x AM CH Ivy pup aces a temperament test for birdiness in MA   12670431_1126041060747656_595700684888173442_n

Our pups appeared in the Whole Dog Journal as examples of excellent socialization with their Avidog Adventure Box, are raised with love underfoot to meet 100 friendly people, hear loud and funny noises, experience baby agility equipment, and interact with our house dogs.  They are checked by Falmouth Vet at age 7 weeks and given first vaccines, and sent home  at 8 or 9 weeks with a thoughtful contract explaining both our and your responsibilities.We are so honored to have PoeticGold puppies included in the Golden Retriever Club Of America’s video about responsible breeders :

, and are members in good standing of the GRCA.

For puppy buyers looking to do due diligence, and a word about price:

1) Make sure any litter considered has hip, elbow, heart, and eye clearances in good order on Do not get taken in by a glitzy web site. Many master breeders do not believe in advertising, and many puppy mills or backyard breeders co-opt the language of responsible breeders on the internet. We go the extra mile and do DNA testing as well, and many excellent breeders do also:

2) Check for information on longevity and titles. accomplishments( but realize it is not a required database so information can be partial).

3) Use common sense and make sure the price of a puppy is fair to both buyer and breeder. Do not pay 3500$ for a “rare creme British golden” with no titles or health clearances on the parents, for this is simply a marketing ploy. British goldens are from the UK, exhibit a similar rate of cancer to USA goldens , and come in many shades and colors of gold.

On the flip side, realize that titling a dog to prove its worth against peers as breeding stock and doing health clearances responsibly, as well as raising a litter with stud fee and vet care is quite expensive. Do not open Uncle Henry’s  or glance at Craig’s List and purchase the least expensive golden puppy possible, because you are likely to increase your expenses at the vet over the years exponentially.

4)All golden pups are cute, so make sure you do due diligence BEFORE going to meet a litter- it is too easy for emotions to take over . For that matter, a golden is not the perfect fit puppy for everyone. My grandfather had a pertinent saying that “goldens are the hardest pups, but the easiest dogs”. While goldens may not be the most difficult breed of pups to raise and train, they are sporting pups, very active and intelligent, who love to explore using their mouths. They settle and mellow in their second year if properly trained, but they are not fluffy couch potatoes as youngsters, and need attentive care, exercise, and training as pups.

5) Do expect to pay 1000 to 1500 for health tested parents without significant titles on either( maybe will have CGC, Rally titles, BN/CD   Therapy Dog or UKC/ CPE ) , pay 1200-1800 for a health -tested but untitled mama dog of a nice pedigree bred to a highly titled stud dog with all clearances, and consider 1800 to 3000 for a litter  in which both parents are highly titled and health tested, for that is the gold standard breeder who sets the highest bar and asks the most from him or herself. (These titles include Master Hunter, Grand Champion, Utility Dog Excellent, MACH, and American Champion  that signify immense commitment on the part of the breeder and high quality on the part of the golden.) Even if you are looking for a family pet and never plan to compete or do therapy work, parents who embody the breed standard have the best chance of producing pups who are that timeless golden in every way who meet your expectations and daydreams of a beautiful intelligent dog.

Member Golden Retriever Club Of America 12309623_1028061247216578_7846158941016058026_o