Services Offered by PoeticGold Farm

“A Sound Education For Every Dog”

PoeticGold Farm offers obedience training to dogs of all ages, breeds, and mixes.  It is  a happy, working training center reflecting the values of hands on learning, deep respect for living things, great sportsmanship, and a sound education for dogs of all backgrounds, ages, and sizes. We believe that dog training is a lifelong conversation between human and canine.


We  focus on an extremely strong curriculum of rock solid skills and manners through the techniques of positive training, teaching humans concrete techniques through which to both communicate skillfully with their dogs and build a thriving relationship of mutual respect and joyful learning. We understand both the art and science of dog training, and share that understanding with our human clients as well as our canine ones.


We offer a full menu of classes, teaching wonderful basics to puppies and young dogs, improving foundation obedience in older dogs,helping rescue and shelter dogs adjust to new homes,  and providing problem-solving courses for reactivity, aggression, and fearfulness. For those interested in exploring “higher education” with their dogs, we teach Rally Obedience as one of our most popular programs, show/conformation handling, and Canine Good Citizen/ Therapy Dog preparation classes. Elective classes and seminars like circus dog tricks, freestyle dance, noseworks,tracking, and flash mob play times are also offered.


We also offer topnotch photography for pet portraits or dog show ads.

The concept of “fit” in choosing an adult dog, mix, or breed is more important that most people imagine. One person’s dream dog is another person’s couch potato/lazy bones; one person’s dream dog is a pup someone else finds too active. We are always available to help you choose a dog or puppy because we hope for all dogs to have forever homes.

For dog sports,  “Challenge By Choice” is our philosophy. It was coined by Project Adventure, an experiential team building organization, and means that when you are too comfortable, no learning takes place and when you are too stressed, no learning takes place. Between those polarities, you can choose to be a little outside your comfort zone, and the reward will be growth and achievement. If you are nervous about entering- try it. It you are terrified, then break it down- maybe go and watch this time and visualize yourself and your dog there, and enter next time.

Free spots are always available to shelter staff working with shelter dogs and service dogs in training.

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Basic Classes

  • S.T.A.R. Puppy
  • Family Dog Manners
  • Canine Good Citizen
  • Recall and Attention Heeling Class
  • Control Unleashed

Classes to Help Dog Issues

  • Leash Lungers
  • Growly Dog
  • Control Unleashed
  • Reform School
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Human Directed Aggression (T.A.C.T. program)
  • Feisty Fido
  • BraveHearts: For Shy Dogs

Competition Classes

  • Rally Obedience
  • Competition Obedience
  • AKC Tracking
  • Agility
  • Conformation/ Show Dog Handling

Occasional Handling Services

AKC Obedience

  • Rally O Compeition

Just For Fun

  • Tricks Class
  • RallyFree
  • Agility For Fun
  • Puppy Flash Mobs
  • Group Hikes

Seminars Topics

  • Targeting
  • Search & Rescue
  • Tracking
  • Choosing a dog that “fits”

Other Services

  • Photography for show dog ads and pet portraits
  • Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Supply Models for Sperry Topsider, Orvis, and FetchDog
  • AKC American Champion Golden Retrievers: – Raise, train, show, and trial in obedience.
  • Facility Rental for training center, fields, and conference center.







STAR Puppy, Puppy Kindergarten, Shelter Dog Support Group, Dog Focused Book Group, Family Dog Manners, Canine Good Citizen, Control Unleashed, Recall Class, Attention Heeling Class, Rally Obedience, Growly Dog( BAT), Human Aggressive Dog (T.A.C.T.), Reform School ( Tongue -in-cheek name for a class focusing on great dogs that people admit they did not train enough and have a bad habit or two), Outdoor Adventures, Circus Dog Tricks, AKC Community Canine, Feisty Fido, Leash Lungers, Show Dog Handling, Private Obedience Lessons, Private Behavior Consultations, Small Dog Obedience, Golden Retriever Grooming, Boarding occasionally to clients only