PoeticGold Dog Training Team

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207. 247. 4321

Jill Simmons– Owner, STAR Puppy, Rally Obedience, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Golden Retrievers Ljilly28@me.com

Anne St. Pierre  Aussies, Competition Obedience, Family Dog , One & Does, Star Puppy stpierrean@gmail.com http://www.themightyla.com  

Dr. Christine Tilburg– Agility , Rally Obedience, Family Dog, Star Puppy ctilburg@securespeed.us

Dr. Laurence O’hara and    https://falmouthvet.com and all the great vets of Falmouth Vet Hospital – 

Cindy Fisher AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Therapy Dog International Evaluator

Keller Gardner – junior handler, dog sitting

Nancy Freedman-Smith CBATI: Aggressive Dogs BAT, Shy Dogs, Tricks, Private Lessons    www.gooddogztraining.com  

Lauren Westra :westra.lauren@gmail.com http://bridgetobehavior.com/ Training trainers, Clicker training

Larissa Savage : https://www.voofla.com/US/Yarmouth/130677537607206/Sit-Stay-Play

Karen and Sam Mammano: smammano@rochester.rr.com Dog Show Handling

Debbie Hastings– Web Design https://designmecreative.com

Dr. Nick Dodman – Tufts University Cummings Vet School Behavioral – for dogs struggling with transitions, anxiety, dog aggression and human aggression in need of topnotch care. 

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